Elevators of persons

zigras on 22 October 2018

Hydraulics with engine room

Classical, beautiful and guaranteed choice for small and medium-sized buildings. Easy and fast installation. They work as follows: the pump inside the tank feeds the hydraulic fluid to the piston of the cylinder and the lift starts its motion.

Hydraulics without engine room

The lift is preparing to enter buildings without comfortable spaces. To gain space, the mechanism enters the shaft into a specially designed cabinet.

Mechanical with engine room

Clearly faster lifts, they can and do great speeds. They are preferred in tall buildings with frequent traffic. They have very low power consumption and they also fit very small and very well.

Mechanicals without engine room

That the most modern is in the market of the lift. It develops great speeds and is also suited for long and frequent journeys. The mechanism is located at the top of the stairwell. They are quite silent lifts.


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